Why we do what we do

We are obsessed with helping Enterprise B2B sales teams crush quota and be happy

If you’re not solving for how to show up better than the competition, then what are you solving for?

HINT: If your new enterprise deal volume isn’t on track, you’re solving for something else.

Innovating in Sales

Win Enterprise Contracts by Design

Effective enterprise sales at scale come from doing things your competitors won’t. It’s a combination of relationships, strategy, and non-traditional sales & marketing activities.

Raise Above the Noise

If you don’t do the things that make you look like you can’t live without your most desired accounts, then you’re just another option to buyers and will be treated accordingly.

Off Average

If you want to win mega-deals and new logos worth having, then you need to invest in off average behavior.

We’ve formularized enterprise sales for 2020 and beyond in our Enterprise Growth Task Force & Pre-meeting Intelligence service.

Fact: You’re always selling at a loss before you win a deal.

If access to capital isn’t a problem, then why underinvest as a strategy for growing your new enterprise revenues, year after year?

Our Offering

Enterprise Growth Task Force

Full-funnel sales & marketing on social for Enterprise B2B

If you’re not #1 or #2 on Google, the market organic search doesn’t correlate to new enterprise sales opportunities with the actual decision-makers.

With our full-funnel sales on social, we manufacture an audience with the total addressable market of executives at your most desired accounts and then generate alignment with them and your sales leaders on your way of thinking around the problems you solve.

OODA Empathy AI

Analyze the emotional state of participants in any video experience.

We’re democratizing emotional intelligence with our OODA heads up Display (HUD) for sales teams. OODA provides a real-time interpretation of a prospects emotional and subconscious reaction to your pitch and tells you if they have a positive, negative or indifference to the experience and information you’re sharing.

Understand buyer sentiment around your value propositions, benefits & features, and of course pricing, and help your bottom 80% perform like the top 20%.

Pre-meeting Intelligence

Enterprise Recon & Intelligence gathering as a service.

Special Forces. Sports teams. Doctors. All high-performing teams manufacture intense periods of intelligence consumption before engaging. Sales should be no different. 

We leverage unstructured data about your prospect’s social footprint to understand their personality, how they are motivated, persuaded, given a demo, and educated. Why start from 0 when building trust if you do not have to. Empower your sales leaders to know their prospect’s sales love language and maximize aggregated pre-meeting intelligence.

Our Clients

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How we helped Think Owl generate 104 meetings in 30 days

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