We are obsessed with making happier sales teams through incredible support. Rethink what work gets done, how and by whom, so your sales teams can focus their energy on the work that matters most to your strategy.

And do it faster, smarter and more efficiently.
We empower sales teams with tools and workflows to solve for growth.

We leverage on the AI, process excellence and constant iterations.

Innovating in Sales

Win Enterprise Contracts by Design

Effective enterprise sales at scale come from doing things your competitors won’t. It’s a combination of relationships, strategy, and non-traditional sales & marketing activities.

Raise Above the Noise

If you don’t do the things that make you look like you can’t live without your most desired accounts, then you’re just another option to buyers and will be treated accordingly.

Off Average

If you want to win mega-deals and new logos worth having, then you need to invest in off average behavior.

Your sales leaders should be selling, not worrying about
how to use data, or how to get leads. Keep sales about selling.

Our Offering

Intelligent Prospecting

Our solution to effective sales growth starts by not asking salespeople to leverage data to prospect. We do that as a support function. Everything from creating Ideal Customer Profiles, to Building the lists, to setting the meetings on your calendar.

OODA Emapthy AI

Empower your sales teams with the OODA AI and consistently manufacture the emotional experiences (subconscious) during the buying process that reinforce the rational business cases (logical). Learn how your prospects are feeling during your sales call and conducted advanced pre-sales meeting intelligence.

Outsoucing SDRs

There’s a lot of time that needs to be spent to identify opportunities and also foster long term relationships from individuals you know you’ll want to buy from you later. That’s why we put both of these services in place for your business. They operate under our guidance, and on our tech so there’s no new solution for you to adopt.


Our Clients

Success story

How we helped Think Owl generate 86 meetings in 30 days

Latest Insights

The Marlboro Effect

The Marlboro Effect is what happens when there is a large amount of money invested in your company’s marketing and sales teams, but an underwhelming revenue performance follows.

Why your prospecting is failing

There’s a fundamental misalignment between marketing KPI’s and sales activities and it comes down to the division of labor and skill sets alignment within B2B sales. 

Let’s Transform Your Sales