Targeted growth diagnostic

Not everyone can be an opera singer.
Translation : Growth potential is not limitless, but you can solve for “better”.

The problem

Who’s better at taking $1 and an idea and turning it into market value?

Know your growth

Our model connects key metrics to systematically measure how effective companies are at converting investments into digital assets to growth and market value.

A Targeted Growth Diagnostic (TGD) is an economic methodology to illuminate the advantages and constraints a company has with respect to innovation, the selected sectors of growth, and the competition there in.

Why does it matter?

Understanding your historical capability to turn investment into new ideas into market value is a critical first step in understanding where to focus improvement efforts to improve your personalized growth trends.

Knowing if your targeting growth sectors and opportunities with the least amount of investment to value conversion friction helps rationalize your portfolio ensuring you’re positioned for Short term, medium term, long term investments.


What questions does it help me answer?


Am I effective?

If we spend $1bringing a new idea to market, how much value do I create on average, over time?


Am I improving?

Are we getting better at it?


Is my competition better?

Are we better than our competition in the spaces we want to innovate in?


Am I in the right place?

Are there other areas we should be innovating in that we are not?


What can I do better?

What changes could be made to help us do better at capitalizing on growth?

How are you converting your growth?

What does that look like?

Technology disruption changes the game on investing for growth. Growth Innovators invest in and grow technology enabled assets needed to generate future growth while producing above average returns today.

Growth Positioning

Higher investment rates, more asset grow, and better returns relative to peers.

Growth Investment

Inline with market expectations and financial resources.

R&D Commitment

Signaled commitment to technology driven disruption.

Valuation Impact

Growth focus areas and story resonating with investors.

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