Sales transformation with a growth mindset 

Data driven ABM Marketing and Advanced Prospecting to rise above the noise 

Advanced Prospecting

We set ’em up

You close ’em 

Data driven hunting with surgical precision.

Reach out to thousands of your ideal prospects, design campaigns with messaging relevant to different points of entry into your customer.

Your sales ability is only as strong as the number of quality of relationships with buyers that exist at any given time.

ABM Marketing

Advanced action plan on a single account 

We help you identify your top 25 to 50 accounts and create a detailed omni channel action plan to surprise your prospect with a unique B2B buying experience.

Before the first meeting with the account happens, you are already networked with crucial players, know who are the best empathy matches in your organization and all of the players have seen your personalized content.

Sales performance is an art 

You have to create an experience to raise above the noise.

With limited resources on the sales force.

Are your sales people focusing their daily operations in what is really important for closing the deal?




Act like a start-up, think like investor and win by design.

empathy AI
process automation
ideal customer profile
team empathy mapping
mobilize data
sales team transformation



Optimize the ROA of your sales team by leveraging advanced prospecting
meeting generation
laser targeted audience
tribe building
buyer network cultivation
data driven prospecting
A/B testing


Account Based

Reach highest value accounts with personalized marketing
Ideal customer activation
next best action
buyer intent score
omni channel
empathy mapping
customized content
granular advertising

Our clients

Monitor your total marketing efforts

New customer acquisition has to account for large customer churn and net new growth at the top of the funnel.

Reach out to thousands of your perfect customer profiles and build your tribe. Target 25 to 50 top accounts and blow them away with a next level B2B buying experience.

The tools

Tech stack leverage

We constantly test and implement new technologies and tools, so you don’t have to.


OODA pre-meeting intelligence

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Success story: Think Owl

By Kamila Olek, 3 minutes readThink Owl is a self-learning AI based helpdesk, that empowers customer service with AI. In just 8 weeks, we scheduled over 103 sales meetings with ideal customer profiles and engaged in over 400 conversations.The ChallengeThink Owl...

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We think BIG (and fast). It’s what keeps us Lean and Agile. The way that we create products for our clients is the exact way we operate. Always optimized for the best possible ROI. We practice what we preach.

We remain in the startup mode – We Stay Agile. Laser-focused on execution and delivery using our methodologies and secret sauce to maximize efficiency.


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