Market activation and Early Market Intelligence Solutions.


It is 2020. It’s time you get what you deserve from market research.


Research that gives innovation teams exactly what they deserve from an early market intelligence.  

Survey on steroids

Understand your customers and your markets. Activate new markets and get intimate with what your customers want and what is the investors’ sentiment around your product.

discover what makes your audiences different

— analyze the Investor activities in the Industry.

feel the social pulse around your market

— accelerate your time to knowldege

Everything you wish a survey actually did.


It should help you discover what makes your audiences different.


It should make your problem-solution fit supper accurate


It should accelerate your time to knowledge


It should treat you like an investor and help you identify market attractiveness.

So much more than a survey. Same price tough.


Surveys & Scale

Survey’s are only as effective as the amount of statistically significant knowledge they bring to the table. We use data science to focus on large populations of suspected customers.

Social listening

Consumer feedback is spread across the internet in millions of places. We gather the relevant data, structure it and mine it for key insights.

Investors’ data

Tap into private and public data sources to understand investor trends, start up growth, competitive landscapes, and more.

Investor Assessment

A venture grade market opportunity assessment based on relevant, timely, and expert preparation of market and customer activity.

Let us make it a good 2020 kick-off at a price you can’t refuse.


Because we know, that after working with us, you won’t want to work with anyone else.

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