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Success story: Think Owl

Jun 23, 2020

By Kamila Olek, 3 minutes read

Think Owl is a self-learning AI based helpdesk, that empowers customer service with AI.

In just 8 weeks, we scheduled over 103 sales meetings with ideal customer profiles and engaged in over 400 conversations.

The Challenge

Think Owl approached us, with a big appetite to enter the US market. They started their market acquisition with standard marketing methods like display advertising and some content marketing which brought them mediocre results.

As Think Owl is open to innovative marketing strategies, we were able to use some not standard methods, that resulted in explicit results in terms of conversion rates.

At Glance

meetings generated

conversations started

How we did it

We started the project in March 2020, right after the coronavirus outburst, which made things more difficult, as people were hit hard with the new circumstances and routines. We started with a test on Value Proposition based outbound strategy, yet did not produce the results we expected to. We went through several iterations of messaging angles to find out two strategies, that clicked within the target group.

We were targeting leaders in the Contact Center and Customer Care space with the seniority level of Director and above in companies with headcount 200+.

We discovered, that two messaging angles perform particularly well within this target group: content contribution strategy and community leverage.

By using content contribution we were able to scale up the conversation in these challenging times. Concurrently, we did not give up on A/B testing of different audiences and copy for the strategies focusing around qualifying the lead. We gradually improved conversions on these and provided pre-qualified sales meetings.

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